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Bills Currently in the Judiciary Committee (Missouri House of Representatives)

13 Feb 2018 7:36 AM | Anonymous

Here is a very short summary of some of what is in the Judiciary Committee right now:

* Those 75 years and older can be excused from jury duty if they ask (HB2063).

* Registered sexual offenders are not permitted to partake in any Halloween related activities with children on October 31. This common sense bill filed by Rep. Ellebracht removes the October 31 qualifier (HB1306).

* Allowing courts to approve settlements involving minors on the basis of affidavits. The law currently requires an evidentiary hearing. Under this bill the court could still hold a hearing in its discretion. (HB1405). This was presented last year also as HB 592.

* Removal of the statute of limitations on prosecution of unlawful sexual offenses. (HB1590 and 2185). The law currently provides a 30 year statute of limitations. Public hearings were held last week. This is the same as HB1120 from last year.

* Allowing municipal convictions, guilty pleas and nolo contendere pleas to be used as evidence relevant to witness credibility (HB1681). In order words, there would be no exception for municipal court findings and pleas. A public hearing was held last week on this bill, which is the same as HB735 from last year.


Tim West, LAKC Board of Directors MO Legislative Monitor

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